Website Packages


A starter website is perfect for a new business. It includes the basic pages you need to interact with your visitors. Gets you an online presence quick (3-5 days).

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A standard website is ideal for a small business. It includes all the basic pages plus the essential forms required to interact with your visitors. Gets you an online presence in a week!

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A professional website is ideal for a larger business. It includes all the basic pages, plus essential forms, plus sitemap, SEO and submission to search engines.

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Our Approach

The first thing we ask you, is what your specific requirements are. No two websites are the same. The last thing we want is to offer you something that does not meet your needs. So we will sit down with you, face to face and get a feel for what you need. We then produce a proposal that is based on one of our off the shelf website packages and add any modules or customisation to that base product.

This way we supply a core DNN system that is secure, robust and scalable and we then customise that base to suit your needs. This means that you are never paying for the core system or any coding, as it is open source software. You are paying to get that base product moulded into the look and feel that you like, with the content that you want to offer your clients.

Maintenance and Support

All of our websites are maintained and supported by us. Because the DNN platform is open source, it is constantly being updated, both for security and with new functionality. We will manage the upgrading and support of your site at very reasonable rates, making the total cost of ownership very affordable even for a small business owner.

Because we don't have to worry about maintaining the core DNN code base to keep the website platform relevant and secure, all our efforts can be directed to ensuring that your site is regularly backed up, maintained and kept operating at peak efficiency.


DNN is one of the most secure CMS platforms available today. So long as you keep up to date with security patches (which is something we can do for you with under a support contract), you can rest assured that your website will never be hacked. Again, we do not maintain the DNN core, we leave that to the clever people at DNN to worry about. The result is hassle free website ownership for you.

Responsiveness and Speed

We all know how frustrating it is to visit a slow website, or one that does not display correctly on the browsing device.

That is why DNN is able to provide responsive web pages to any device without the need for any additional code.

We don't have to build different versions of your website for different audiences on different devices, DNN does that for us, again allowing us to focus on your site instead of technical stuff.

With regards to speed, we have our own servers. We are not part of somebody's shared hosting service. We manage our own servers and we limit each web server to only the amount of sites that it can manage, resulting in high speeds for your visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation

What use is a website if nobody reads it? Well, we will make sure that your website has an excellent ranking on Google & Bing generic search results. We do this through our expert knowledge of keywords.

Our keywords packages are affordable and effective. We can guarantee that your site will rank highly for your location & keywords combination, ensuring that the site is found by your audience.